Is Marriage Important to God?

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Your marriage is important to God, friend.  I never new how important it was until I started seeing marriage as a theme in the Bible.  The church is the bride waiting for her husband (Jesus).  God chose marriage as the relationship to model to the world his love for the church.  

No pressure, right?

We're all a bit of a mess and that is why we have to read the Bible for guidance.

The Bible begins with marriage in Genesis and ends with marriage in Revelation.  In Genesis 1, God has made human beings as equal image barriers in male and female and told to multiply.   In Genesis 2, "they shall become ONE flesh". It tells us how to do this, "a man should leave mom and dad and hold fast (bond) to his wife".  You become one financially, spiritually, as well as biologically (procreation).  

The commandments also assumed the importantance of marriage as well as the hierarchy of a marriage. Jesus summed it up with Love God and Love people.  Did you know that there is a hierarchy for your marriage?  I'm sure I will get some eye rolls when I use the word submit but stay with me.  It's actually a beautiful word when lived out in the design of marriage.  The design is for us (husband and wife) to BOTH submit ourselves to God first.  

It's in the design for husbands to be the leader of the home NOT as a ruler over the wife but as Jesus did for the church.  He humbly sacrificed and laid His life down for us.  That is the type of love a husband is supposed to have for his wife.  When a husband leads like this, it makes it so easy for us (wives) to submit ourselves to that type of leadership.  This is the design, but we live in a broken, sinful, world so it doesn't often play out like that.  This is the reason that I do what I do.  I teach wives how to restore that design, starting with them.

God uses marriage to show the relationship between Him and Israel with the prophets in the Bible.  Jesus and Paul both referred back to Genesis 1 & 2 referring to the design of marriage.  Revelation (last book in the Bible) also talks about marriage.  So, the Bible begins with a marriage, ends with a marriage, and is all in between.  Our marriages matter to God, the church, and to the world.   Once you realize the purpose of marriage, isn't primarily about always being happy, it makes it a little easier to endure the hard times and realize that the Lord is refining us, to be more Christ like, in this marriage.  This refinement is what brings us REAL joy and satisfaction in life.

We have to get marriage right because it matters that much.   

In our world, it's hard to find this type of marriage example.  Together, you and I can change that.  We can be the influence to our family, our community, and to the world.

It starts with you, friend.


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