We’re Jared & Tamera and we’ve been married for 15 years.  Both of us have experienced a failed marriage before and have over 20 years of marriage experience.  We are lovers of Jesus and our faith is a huge part of who we are today.  We both come from broken homes that impacted our marriages.  We had to figure out how to make our marriage, and future, healthy and thrive.

Our formal education is in Behavior Science and Marriage Mentoring.  Our specialty is helping spouses to reconnect, deal with emotional difficulties, bring back the laughter, communicate better, become a team, as well as keep their relationship alive and THRIVING. 

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    “ They have this really remarkable ability to help us get to the true root of whatever issue we're facing QUICKLY so that we can start to understand and heal. ”


    Married 3 years

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    “It's no longer about who can yell the loudest to be heard. ”

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    Married 2 years

  • J & T Marriage

    “Working with the Chapman's is like a breath of fresh air. We laugh so much more. Forever grateful.”


    Married 7 years