I help wives love their marriage again.


Dating was fun but marriage is messy.  

Arguments turn into personal attacks.

Your spouse will never apologize. 

You don't feel valued or appreciated.

You're tired of doing it all.

 You feel disappointed that this marriage feels so hard.

You feel confused, lonely, and honestly...exhausted.

Getting on the same page about things that matter to you seems impossible.

You just want to feel happy with yourself and in your marriage again.

I know EXACTLY how you feel.

I've been there too.   

I can help you get there.


I have created a self-paced, online course to help wives to quickly learn to communicate better, start creating the marriage you want, and bring back the laughter.  

Why is your marriage important?

Building, strengthening, and protecting healthy, life-giving connections with God, ourselves, and others is your first and most important job in life.  Your marriage is the foundation of your family.

Working with me will help you:

  • Stop the arguments that turn into personal attacks
  • Feel loved, valued, and appreciated
  • Bring more peace, joy, and laughter into your home
  • Create a culture of honor and respect for each other
  • Get clarity on, and show up as, the woman you want to be in the marriage (and in life)
  • Create a safe space for you to ask for what you want
  • Bring back the intimacy and friendship
  • Become a team